So, This is Adulthood: I Don’t Need an Update!

waitinI always feel great when I wake up early in the morning- after the half an hour it takes me to will myself out of bed of course. Waking up early instils in me the sense that I am moving in the right direction. I don’t know what direction that is…but I know it’s the right one.

However, as I turned my laptop on in a cozy coffee shop this morning, productive was the last thing I was being. Due to a ‘necessary’ update on my laptop, I was forced to wait a lengthy fifteen minutes before I could even type my password in. Apparently, my laptop has needed an update for the last seventy-two weeks and as the loading bar sluggishly moves slower than a granny on crutches, I think, ‘This is why I’ve been avoiding you’.

Usually, I’m able to defer major updates on the basis that if I’m not given warning, some of my precious work could be lost. However, as my laptop was shut down this time, Dell managed to get one over on me. Surely, I should be able to decide when my laptop gets an update. Maybe I wasn’t ready for an update. Maybe I liked the old version, despite it’s ‘flaws’. I sit here as the 1%,2%,3% increase in second intervals and the 53% ,54%, 55% increase in minute intervals, slowly erecting my mental middle finger at the screen. I say slowly because I knew that this wouldn’t be the last ‘overdue’ update I would meet this morning.

When the new update decided it was ready to show up, I managed to log on. I waited for everything to load and double clicked my trusty Microsoft Word. Before it opened, I was alerted that my antivirus software needed to be renewed. It seems that there were forty-six suspicious threats ready to devour my laptop if I didn’t. Also, Spotify needed to be reinstalled. I can only surmise that the old version took that with it.

I should have known that the one hour of serenity I had given myself to write would be reduced to disappointing speed dates with apps I wanted out of my sight.

A few taps later and each of these notifications were banished- for now. But, the terror wasn’t over yet. Microsoft Word wouldn’t open because without the internet, Microsoft couldn’t verify my subscription. ‘Are you serious?!’ I silently screamed. I thought I could trust you Bill! The waiter asks if I would like another drink. I’m not even half way through the first one.

I take a deep breath, a sip of my coffee and open my laptop’s preinstalled word pad. Stuff your co-dependency I tell my apps. But I can’t help but feel like I’m stooping to a lesser medium. I might as well have got the extra sleep, stayed at home, switched the latte for instant coffee and whipped out my pen and paper. I may not know what direction I’m moving in but I do know that I’ll need to allow more time to reach my destination.

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